Child from Buena Vista, BoliviaAnother new program for MIMA started this summer in Buena Vista, which is another community that is building from within to help the future generations. With the help of a dear friend, Anna Haarman, who is a volunteer from Holland, a school has been built and a medical post is under construction.  They also have a meal program for the school-age children, and even offer it on Saturdays for the most needy.We have implemented a vitamin program there also, for 600 children, following the same format as in Tutimayu.

We also have donated tooth brushes and tooth paste which is kept in school for each child. Each morning, they receive a vitamin, have breakfast and then brush their teeth.  We are hoping to implement a more comprehensive dental program once their medical post is completed.

I anticipate sending MIMA volunteers there to work in the medical post and hopefully our team will have at least one dentist, hygienist and dental assistant to complement the program.