Example of yarn craftWe supplied the yarn and patterns, and after convincing them that women use shawls and scarves for accents and that we weren't concerned about warmth ( especially in Florida), they produced some very nice pieces for us to sell or give as gifts. Each piece was marked with the knitter's name, and each directly received the money for the work they had done. We then matched that and donated it to the co-op for more supplies. I have just bought another huge supply of yarn, and will hope to start working with a company in the future that may want to donate their older inventory. Additionally, I have received generous donations, especially from my aunt, Patt Cavanaugh, who is very supportive of this program. We are very interested in encouraging the women in these communities to continue their crafts and realize their worth, and thereby enabling them to stay in their villages instead of seeking employment in the cities. I have to say, I have seen some real changes in this area, and the women seemed totally in awe that we were so thrilled with the work they had done.