Children with their dental supplies in Tutimayu, BoliviaTutimayu does have a functioning medical post with a full time doctor and a dental chair and some supplies. Through another non-profit organization, a dentist was hired and she sees several students daily for routine dental care, instruction and check ups. Her goal is to reach all the children in that village. They also have a small jeep with a generator, and several times per month, Dr. Maribel can be found traveling to a more remove village with her supplies to attend to the needy patients there. She also conducts a symposium each year for the surrounding villages, and anticipates more than 1000 children to attend. We supplied the tooth brushes, paste and floss for this program, which was very successful last year, and promises to be even better this year.

Another friend that I met through Anna has an import business and she has invited me to fill up her container with MIMA donations. This will be the first time that I will attempt this, but if it is successful, it will be a wonderful way to get supplies down to Bolivia during the year. Since I can buy all the medications in Bolivia for a discounted price, I have concentrated on other supplies. I will be sending tooth brushes, paste, floss and medical supplies that can be used in the clinic. I also have yarn for the knitting co-op and other supplies that are needed in Tutimayu by the medical clinic there.